The Future

At IDAP Global, we understand that private enterprises are more than the growth engine of the economy — that they are building tomorrow.

We believe that investment should be a creative force. It should drive that future. We give investors the power to shape that future.

A Conviction Driven Investment Firm

IDAP Global is a mission-driven investment and strategic advisory firm, dedicated to the belief that private enterprise is the growth engine of the economy — and to providing them the right financing solutions.

We give investors access to exceptional hidden opportunities, rooted in the real economy, and provide asset financing, liquidity solutions and strategic opportunity advisory to the best businesses

Asset Financing

Investment in the resources which fuel private-enterprise growth offers diversification and more options for portfolio construction, in addition to the potential for higher returns than traditional assets. These assets can also provide a hedge against market volatility and inflation.

Strategic Opportunities

We help shareholders & companies to get the maximum potential of their asymmetric strategic opportunities combining advisory and access to right capital solutions.

Liquidity Solutions

We help Shareholders of successful private enterprises to get access to liquidity when there is not a right time to sell their holdings, and investors access to exceptional investment opportunities in the private markets.

Experience You Can Trust


Christopher W. Richardson

CEO, Founding Partner


Petr Stransky

Founding Partner


Jan Hybler

Founding Partner

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