IDAP Global turns opportunities into deals. We're focused on providing investors easy access to alternative assets and valuable private enterprises. Our ePPN and TIPE offerings provide good returns at a given risk threshold by offering direct investment into the assets that power the economy.

Providing Access to A $4.4 Trillion Alternative Asset Market in A Transparent, Tradable Form

Private enterprises represent over 50% of the economy. In fact, they're the growth engine in every country in the world. But how do you invest in them?

The odds are, you don't โ€” because there's no easy way to do so.

Invest in The Real Economy

Capital requirements and sources of capital vary across the business spectrum. A McKinsey analysis shows that a lack of structured finance options is the biggest problem for growing, medium-size companies.

Established Startups

Groups that have established a minimal viable product or service and business model.

    Invest in Venture Capital

    IDAP's Focus

    Growing, Medium-Size Companies

    Mature companies

    Business models that provide a competitive edge and moderate growth.

      IDAP Solves The Lack of Structured Finance Options

      Stagnant Medium-Size Companies

      Mature and sizeable businesses that have ceased to grow or are struggling by measures such as revenue or profitability.

        Invest in Private Equity

        A New Way to Invest in Alternative Assets

        Introducing IDAP ePPNs

        Cash Yield plus Additional Profit Participation from The Underlying Asset

        • Cash Yield ePPNs typically represent fractional beneficial interest in productive underlying assets, generating cash-flow (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually) distributed to investors.
        • Asset-Backed ePPNs are backed by real-world assets, often over collateralised.
        • Profit Participation Each ePPN provides profit participation including potential asset value appreciation, which may increase the overall ROI, sometimes substantially.
        • Tradability ePPNs are immediately tradable.
        • Broad Spectrum of Assets ePPNs span a wide range of risk:reward profiles that span both geographies and asset types, including off-market real-estate strategies, aircraft leasing financing, mid-market buy-out financing, and more. Investors can create their own portfolios selecting specific ePPNs to optimise their returns for their specific goals.

        Access to Real-World Assets

        Many investors are looking for exposure to Alternative Assets, but have concerns about transaction cost, complexity, investor protection and lack of liquidity. ePPNs are digital instruments securitizing real-world assets as tradable, fully- regulated securities, operating in a framework familiar to most investors.

        Aligned Incentives

        We make money when you make money. Our model allows us to provide access to unique deals with private equity risk:return profiles at near ETF costs.

        Low Up-Front Costs

        Typically less than 75 basis points when the deal is funded.

        ETF Level Operational Costs

        We aim to be less than 50 basis points per year in ongoing operational costs.

        We Win when You Win

        Our goals are aligned with yours โ€” we make money when you make money.

        Your Opportunities

        Investment Characteristics

        Our goal is to issue โ‚ฌ6B of securities across 200 opportunities ofโ€จโ‚ฌ5โ€“200M each over 36 months, with an aggregate return of 15โ€“20% IRR.

        We expect the typical security issued to be a digital bond from our Luxembourgish securitisation vehicle with

        3โ€“5 year time horizon

        5โ€“20% annual yield, depending on risk

        Profit participation

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