Christopher W. Richardson

CEO, Founding Partner


With over a quarter of a century of experience leading deep technology companies, Chris has a profound interest in the global economy, the state of technology, and the future of democracy and capitalism. His eclectic background gives him a distinctive ability to communicate ideas across moats of expertise — bringing engineers, financiers, marketers, and politicians along on the journey.

Since 2012, Mr. Richardson has been focused on the future of capitalism, and in particular on the fact that the accelerating success of capitalism in the Internet era, combined with broad failures in education and governance, are leading humanity towards a transition which he believes will be precipitous when it occurs. He seeks to ensure such an event culminates in broad success and elevation of humanity, rather than a cataclysmic fall. IDAP Global is part of the solution.

Prior to founding his first start-up in 2000, Chris was with Merit Networks where he was an active evangelist for the Internet in developing countries, and a Bychinsky scholar in mathematics and recipient of the Branstrom Prize, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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