IDAP Turns Opportunities into Deals

The World is Filled with Opportunity

But How Do You Find The Good Ones?

And Once You've Found A Good Opportunity, What Do You Do with It?

IDAP Turns Opportunities into Deals

The World is Filled with Opportunity

Turning Opportunities into Deals

The Three Pillars of Our Offerings

A Foundation in Assets

At IDAP Global we understand that the real world is built on real things. By offering structured products directly tied to the underlying, productive assets that are the fuel for private enterprise, we provide above average returns with below average risk.


Entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how economic, technological, and societal changes transform the direction of business. Our offerings, from ePPNs to structured TIPE products, give our investors access to the entrepreneurs who are building the real future.

Investor Empowerment

You’ve worked hard for your wealth. We believe you should choose — and understand — how you’re putting it to work. We seek to provide transparency, diversity, and liquidity, enabling you to construct a portfolio that meets your needs and goals.

The Power of The Ecosystem

Distributed finance is the enabling force behind us. We’re building the investment infrastructure of the future — but we’re not doing it alone. We’re partnered with a large and growing number of institutions building the “financial rails” of the future, and it’s in conjunction with these partners that we’re able to deliver on the cost and speed improvements that enable us to deliver our unique investment opportunities — that provide the transparency and liquidity that was never available in the world of private markets.

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